What are Zebra Shades?

If you’ve been paying attention to the new trends in window décor lately, you may have seen the name “zebra shades” mentioned a few times. If you have not yet been filled in on these popular new types of window shades, here’s a quick look at what they are and what kind of benefits they can provide for you and your home.

What are they?

Zebra shades (also called transitional shades) are a bit of a cross between horizontal blinds and roller shades, in that they have the same components as a roller shade and function in the same way, and its light control is comparable to a horizontal shade. Zebra shades have two layers of fabric and alternating sheer and opaque bands. The back layer of fabric sits less than 1/8” behind the front layer, resulting in the ability to align the fabric bands to be fully closed, partially closed, or completely open. This is meant to mimic the ability to angle traditional horizontal blind slats to different degrees. Lastly, zebra shades get their name due to their striped appearance, which mimics the look of a zebra’s stripes.

How are they useful?

Zebra shades are a great new way to control the amount of light being let into your house. It can be tricky to determine when you are allowing too much sunlight to enter your home, especially when you have things in a room such as plants and furniture that can be damaged due to overexposure to sunlight. Zebra shades allow you to conveniently and easily control the sunlight passing through the window, meaning you won’t have to worry about too much getting in for too long. Another way that zebra shades come in handy is simply by looking great. It can sometimes be hard to come across stylish and bold new looks when it comes to window treatments, but zebra shades truly look unique and will add a touch of style to any room they are in. This is especially going to be useful if you decide to sell your home; zebra shades are sure to add value to your house.

Are there different colours/patterns?

Yes! Zebra shades come in a variety of colour, patterns, sizes, and textures, so you are going to have plenty of freedom when it comes to choosing the right ones for your home. No matter which colour or pattern you end up choosing, you can be sure your new zebra shades are going to look great!

Are they easy to install?

Though zebra shades may sound more elaborate and complicated than normal window blinds or shades, they are no harder to install. Zebra shades are easily installed and are very easy to understand and use. There is no need to fumble with a handful of screws and small parts while reading a complicated instruction manual.

Now that you know a little bit more about zebra shades, isn’t it about time you gave them a try? A whole new way to style your windows and control the light in your home is waiting for you!

Window Treatment Ideas for Different Rooms in your House

When you’re shopping for window treatments, it’s important to not make the wrong choice. Too often buyers end up overthinking or not thinking enough about what kind of drapes, curtains, shades or shutters they need for their home, and they end up with unsatisfactory products that don’t fit the picture of what they want. In order to avoid being in this situation yourself, here’s a quick look at the best window treatments for different rooms in your home.

The Bedroom- Blackout Drapes

Your bedroom is where you sleep and where you rest after a long day’s work or a night of fun with your friends. As your place of sleep and rest, you’re going to want your bedroom windows to be equipped with drapes that are going to help you sleep. This is where blackout drapes come into play. These special drapes are extremely effective in blocking out external light and will prevent street light and moon light from shining into your bedroom at night. The best sleep happens in complete darkness, and blackout drapes will give you that.

The Living Room- Decorative Patterns

Your living room is where you go to unwind and enjoy activities like watching television, reading a book, and bonding with your family. It’s also a space for entertaining guests, which is why you want it to look great. By choosing drapes and curtains with decorative prints and patterns, you can easily add all kinds of flair to your living room’s style. Decorative prints and patterns can be a great way to express your own personal style and really let your personality show, plus it never hurts to impress any guests you may have over, right?

The Dining Room- Ripplefold Drapes

Your dining room should be oozing with elegance, and this is why ripplefold drapes are the best choice for its windows. Ripplefold drapes are made to be wider than the window they are adorning, which allows you to compress them and give them a wavy or rippled look. The look of riplefold drapery is simple, clean, and timeless, which is why it has been in style for decades. These beautiful drapes will do well to complement your dining room’s other alluring features.

The Kitchen- Eclipse Shutters

Eclipse shutters go well in a kitchen because they allow you to control the amount of natural daylight being let into your kitchen at different times of the day. With these shutters, you can enjoy the early morning sunlight filling your kitchen as you sip a cup of coffee, and you can reduce the amount of afternoon sunlight should things start to become too bright.

The Bathroom- Window Shades

When dealing with bathroom window treatments, privacy is likely to be your biggest concern. You’re going to want something that not only gives you privacy, but also looks appealing. This is why window shades are your best option in the bathroom. They give great privacy and also help to block out light should that be a deciding factor for you.

Follow these tips and you’ll be sure to have an easier time deciding which drapes, shutters or shades will go best all around the house!

All about Ripplefold Drapes

With the various drape styles available on the market today, you may have to make some tough decisions about which style you should go for. It can be difficult to decide, oftentimes not being convinced by a certain style of drapes until you’ve seen them displayed in your own home. One style of drapes you may have not thought about just yet is the ripplefold style. What are ripplefold drapes? How are they different? Keep reading to find out!

What are Ripplefold Drapes?

Ripplefold drapes’ main characteristic is that they are made to be wider than the window they are adorning. Ripple fold drapes can be 1.5, 2, and even 2.5 times wider than a window. The reason for this is because with much greater width, the curtains are given a look of fullness once compressed to the width of the window. A wavy or rippled look is often the result, hence the name “ripplefold”. Drapes without fullness are not the best idea, as they can appear bland and thin, ripplefold drapes are the cure for this blandness! Riplefold drapes have a totally unique look that works in any room and with any decorating style including modern, minimalist, classic, and traditional.

What makes Ripplefold Drapes different?

Snap Tape- what is snap tape you ask? It is a strip that has a number of snap buttons and is fixed to the back of ripplefold drapes. It’s an alternative way to hang the drapes, using these snap buttons to hold the drapes in place instead of traditional drapery rings.

A Routed Rod- the rod that is used with ripplefold drapes is not a regular drapery rod, it is actually routed. Inside the route are carriers that the snap tape gets snapped into, producing a perfect fold without any pleats. All of this gives the drapes the appearance that they are coming out of the rod.

Constantly in Style- ripplefold drapes have truly stood the test of time and have consistently proven that they can be hung in any room and are not going out of style anytime soon. The ripplefold style is simple, clean, and timeless, so you can expect to see them gracing windows for years and years to come.

Better Fabric Exposure- ripplefold drapes provide much better fabric exposure than some other types of drapery. This is because with ripplefolds, pattern and colour is not lost in the folds of pleats, making it much more visible. In addition, you can use heavier fabrics with ripplefolds, as they will fall to the floor nicely with this style. Some heavier fabrics are simply too thick to be used in a pleated style.

Pure Elegance!- simply put, ripplefold drapes look great. They provide a timeless, elegant look that is always in style. The look of ripplefolds is adaptable with countless decorating styles, and it screams good taste.

Now that you know more about ripplefold drapes, maybe it’s time to consider trying them out for yourself. Start experimenting with this classic and gorgeous look today!

Tips for Hanging your Drapes

Think hanging drapes is a simple process that doesn’t require much thinking? Think again! When it comes to drapery in your home, there are many things to consider if you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your drapes. Drapes can add so much more to a room, provided that they are hung right. You may be surprised to know that even the smallest detail can make or break your drape display. Here are some tips to help make sure you hang your drapes in the best way possible.

Hang ‘em High

One of the biggest and most common mistakes people make when hanging drapes is not hanging them high enough. It is ideal to hang your drapes no less than four inches and no higher than 12 inches above a window; doing so will give the illusion of a taller window, and a higher ceiling too. When drapes are hung on or just above a window frame, it can easily look cheap and unprofessional. Hanging your drapes high will always give a more elegant and stylish look to your window, even when you use more inexpensive drapes.

Go Wide

Just as hanging drapes high gives the illusion of greater height, extending your curtain rod to be wider than your window will create the illusion of width. Extending the pole at least three inches beyond each side of the window frame is a good width to shoot for. Doing this will also let you open the drapes enough to expose the entire window without having the drapes bunch up at the ends.

Have them Kiss the Floor

Opinions vary when it comes to drape length; some prefer to have them pool on the floor to create a more classical and romantic look, while others think they should hang just above the floor in order to make sweeping and mopping easier. It’s best to fall in the middle of these two extremes and have your drapes just touch, or “kiss” the floor. You can also have them buckle just 1 to 2 inches along the floor if you really want to go for a bit more of a romantic look.

Lined Drapes are your Best Friend

No matter what type of drapes you are hanging, custom or not, you should always make sure they are lined. Lined drapes hang much better and they also look more expensive. With lined drapes, you can get a stylish, straight-hanging look every time.

Drapery Rings are always a Good Idea

Though not always necessary, drapery rings can give your drapes a stylish, finished look. This is great for a more formal setting, as it will make your drapes look more expensive. A more informal room, however, does not require drapery rings in order to look great.

You’ve worked hard designing a beautiful interior, so it pays to not make any mistakes when it comes to hanging your beautiful new drapes. Follow these tips and your drapery will look flawless!

All about Energy-efficient Window Treatments

When you’re looking for drapery in Toronto, you’re going to be bombarded with choices when it comes to things like style, quality, and colour. While these factors are definitely important, there’s another that you may not be as quick to consider; energy-efficiency. There are some highly beneficial energy-saving options available that will not only save you money on your electrical bill, but will also look great while doing it!

What’s the Big Idea?

You may not know it, but without energy-efficient window treatments, a good deal of your home’s heating and air conditioning (as much as 50%!) can be lost through windows. This unfortunate reality leads to higher energy bills for countless homes each and every year. Thankfully there are options you can take advantage of to keep your home from falling into this slump; you can upgrade your windows with the latest and best energy-efficient window treatments.

What are my Options?

Hunter Douglas Shades- If energy-saving shades sound like they might be your thing, you need look no further than Hunter Douglas. These shades are the only honeycomb shades with double and triple cell construction that are proven to insulate heat, and prevent cold. Special insulation ensures that heat does not escape your home in the colder winter months, and that solar energy from the sun does not make things too hot during the summer. Hunter Douglas window fashions help to control solar heat, letting it into your home during the winter and helping to block it out during the summer. It’s a fact that heat is attracted to cold, meaning your cool and comfortable air-conditioned house is easy pickings for the summer heat, and the cold outdoors during winter is a prime destination for your home’s heating. As if this wasn’t enough, Hunter Douglas shades also come in a variety of colours, designs, and styles!

Eclipse Shutters- Are you more interested in shutters than shades? No problem. Eclipse Shutters add elegance to a room and are made with energy-efficiency in mind. Eclipse Shutters’ California and Plantation shutters are designed to eliminate solar heat gain in the summer by way of pockets of air being designed into the louver and frame. The shutters also have ultraviolet stabilizers that create a reflective surface to repel the sun’s heat. Eclipse Shutters also form a solid and reliable barrier when closed during the winter months, keeping your home warmer and saving you money on your heating bill. For the spring and autumn months, you need only adjust the shutter louvers to control how much airflow your house is getting; this will result in turning on your heating or AC later in the year than you were expecting!

Custom Lined Drapery– Don’t rule out drapes when thinking of energy-efficient window treatments! Custom Lined Drapes can be just as effective in insulating your home during the winter and blocking heat from getting in during the summer. Insulated drapes keep your home’s heat from seeping out like a blanket keeps your body heat from escaping and there are custom blackout drapes that are specifically designed to stop sunlight from penetrating through and heating your home during the summer months. These qualities make custom drapery a great choice when it comes to energy-efficiency.

Now that you know more about the different energy-efficient options for your windows, you can make a smart purchase that’s sure to not only look great, but save you money too!

Darkness Matters- Blackout Drapes

Good sleep is one of the cornerstones of a long and healthy life, but in today’s day and age it can be hard to get the full 7 to 8 hours of sleep that is recommended to be well rested. Sleep deprivation can have significantly negative effects on our lives. For one, depression has been linked to a lack of sleep in many cases. Our jobs sometimes demand late night hours, and electronic devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets are constantly bugging us for attention. While these are the more obvious culprits of lower quality sleep, there is one culprit that you may be paying far less attention to: light.

Darkness is Key

Darkness is a key factor in getting good sleep. Our ancestors did not sleep in lit rooms; electricity is a relatively new thing when looking at human history in its entirety. A lack of light sends a signal to your body that it is time to rest, working with your body’s “sleep clock” (the biological mechanism that regulates your sleep and wake cycles) to produce melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that is produced in your brain that influences sleep by sending a signal to the brain that it is time for sleep. This starts a chain reaction that leads to your muscles relaxing and feelings of drowsiness taking over. Melatonin production starts to rise in the evening as the sun sets and gradually increases as bed time approaches. Being exposed to too much light during this gradual build-up of melatonin throughout the night can break your body’s natural cycle and ruin your chances of a good night’s sleep.

Fight Back with Blackout Drapes

If you find yourself sleeping in a room that is not dark enough, you may want to think beyond the easy fixes of dimming the lights a few hours before bed and limiting screen time to no later than an hour before calling it a night; a great way to do just that is by equipping your bedroom with blackout drapes. These specially designed drapes help you sleep better by immersing you in darkness after switching off the lights. You can say goodbye to outdoor street light seeping into your room, or your neighbours lighting up your room when they switch on the bathroom light across from your window. Blackout drapes give you the dark sleeping environment that your body was meant to fall asleep in. Blackout drapes are also made with noise cancellation fabrics, meaning sleeping is that much easier for light sleepers that are sensitive to noise. You can be sure you’re getting the best quality sleep in all aspects when you choose to install blackout drapes in your bedroom.

A Healthier Lifestyle

Getting better sleep has been linked to all kinds of health benefits. For example, your hair and skin are greatly affected by your sleeping habits. Sleep deprivation decreases the blood flow to the skin on your face, giving it more of a colourless and dull look in the morning. Puffy eyes with dark circles underneath them are a very common sign of skin damage due to sleep deprivation. Adequate sleep can transform your skin from dull and lifeless to vibrant and beautiful each and every morning.

Proper sleep also promotes hair growth by increasing the blood flow to your scalp and giving your hair follicles all the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals they need to grow properly. So if you are experiencing hair loss or damage, adjust your sleeping habits and you’ll be seeing a positive change in no time.

If you’re in the Toronto area, call us today.  Our knowledgeable and friendly staff can help guide you towards a better night’s sleep with blackout drapes. Start sleeping better and living a healthier life!

Choosing the next window blinds and shades for your home

Are you redesigning your home or even just a room in your home?  Window design can be an important part of tying a room together for the look you’re hoping to achieve.  Custom drapery, custom blinds, and custom curtains can make your room go from mediocre to marvelous!  If you’re looking for Custom drapery or blinds in the Toronto area, here are some tips before you give us a call.Which rooms are you decorating?

The type of room you’re decorating certainly makes a difference, along with the mood you’re trying to create and how much privacy you’ll need.  Shades can be a beautiful choice for a kitchen where you’ll want light to come in but might not want the neighbors witnessing your first bowl of cereal in the morning.  Drapes might be a great choice for a dramatic sitting room where you’ll want to entertain guests.  Think of the way you’re using the room and that will help define the right treatments.


Can window treatments increase your home’s value?

We’ve all done it; walked around our neighbourhoods, admiring the street appeal of some homes over others. Window treatments can create that charm and appeal and make a house feel finished over generally cold, unfinished look of bare windows. That first impression can be the difference between a home that draws admirers and one that is forgettable the moment you pass by.
Whether your windows are odd shaped or regular size, custom window blinds or custom draperies increase the value of your home in a variety of ways. We’ve listed just a few below:


Duo-colour Drapery

Want to jazz up your living space?

Think duo-colour drapery panels to really add that pop of colour!

It’s fun, eye catching and really makes a statement!


Match up your other window treatments with a BOLD mix neutral…. (more…)

Translucent Grommet Drapes

Hello there! Welcome to Kamfair’s first blog post!

Today I would like to share with you this project we did in our client’s living room. IMG_0081 (more…)

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