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All about Energy-efficient Window Treatments

When you’re looking for drapery in Toronto, you’re going to be bombarded with choices when it comes to things like style, quality, and colour. While these factors are definitely important, there’s another that you may not be as quick to consider; energy-efficiency. There are some highly beneficial energy-saving options available that will not only save you money on your electrical bill, but will also look great while doing it!

What’s the Big Idea?

You may not know it, but without energy-efficient window treatments, a good deal of your home’s heating and air conditioning (as much as 50%!) can be lost through windows. This unfortunate reality leads to higher energy bills for countless homes each and every year. Thankfully there are options you can take advantage of to keep your home from falling into this slump; you can upgrade your windows with the latest and best energy-efficient window treatments.

What are my Options?

Hunter Douglas Shades- If energy-saving shades sound like they might be your thing, you need look no further than Hunter Douglas. These shades are the only honeycomb shades with double and triple cell construction that are proven to insulate heat, and prevent cold. Special insulation ensures that heat does not escape your home in the colder winter months, and that solar energy from the sun does not make things too hot during the summer. Hunter Douglas window fashions help to control solar heat, letting it into your home during the winter and helping to block it out during the summer. It’s a fact that heat is attracted to cold, meaning your cool and comfortable air-conditioned house is easy pickings for the summer heat, and the cold outdoors during winter is a prime destination for your home’s heating. As if this wasn’t enough, Hunter Douglas shades also come in a variety of colours, designs, and styles!

Eclipse Shutters- Are you more interested in shutters than shades? No problem. Eclipse Shutters add elegance to a room and are made with energy-efficiency in mind. Eclipse Shutters’ California and Plantation shutters are designed to eliminate solar heat gain in the summer by way of pockets of air being designed into the louver and frame. The shutters also have ultraviolet stabilizers that create a reflective surface to repel the sun’s heat. Eclipse Shutters also form a solid and reliable barrier when closed during the winter months, keeping your home warmer and saving you money on your heating bill. For the spring and autumn months, you need only adjust the shutter louvers to control how much airflow your house is getting; this will result in turning on your heating or AC later in the year than you were expecting!

Custom Lined Drapery– Don’t rule out drapes when thinking of energy-efficient window treatments! Custom Lined Drapes can be just as effective in insulating your home during the winter and blocking heat from getting in during the summer. Insulated drapes keep your home’s heat from seeping out like a blanket keeps your body heat from escaping and there are custom blackout drapes that are specifically designed to stop sunlight from penetrating through and heating your home during the summer months. These qualities make custom drapery a great choice when it comes to energy-efficiency.

Now that you know more about the different energy-efficient options for your windows, you can make a smart purchase that’s sure to not only look great, but save you money too!