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All About Ripplefold Drapes

With the various drape styles available on the market today, you may have to make some tough decisions about which style you should go for. It can be difficult to decide, oftentimes not being convinced by a certain style of drapes until you’ve seen them displayed in your own home. One style of drapes you may have not thought about just yet is the ripplefold style. What are ripplefold drapes? How are they different? Keep reading to find out!

What are Ripplefold Drapes?

Ripplefold drapes’ main characteristic is that they are made to be wider than the window they are adorning. Ripple fold drapes can be 1.5, 2, and even 2.5 times wider than a window. The reason for this is because with much greater width, the curtains are given a look of fullness once compressed to the width of the window. A wavy or rippled look is often the result, hence the name “ripplefold”. Drapes without fullness are not the best idea, as they can appear bland and thin, ripplefold drapes are the cure for this blandness! Riplefold drapes have a totally unique look that works in any room and with any decorating style including modern, minimalist, classic, and traditional.

What makes Ripplefold Drapes different?

Snap Tape- what is snap tape you ask? It is a strip that has a number of snap buttons and is fixed to the back of ripplefold drapes. It’s an alternative way to hang the drapes, using these snap buttons to hold the drapes in place instead of traditional drapery rings.

A Routed Rod- the rod that is used with ripplefold drapes is not a regular drapery rod, it is actually routed. Inside the route are carriers that the snap tape gets snapped into, producing a perfect fold without any pleats. All of this gives the drapes the appearance that they are coming out of the rod.

Constantly in Style- ripplefold drapes have truly stood the test of time and have consistently proven that they can be hung in any room and are not going out of style anytime soon. The ripplefold style is simple, clean, and timeless, so you can expect to see them gracing windows for years and years to come.

Better Fabric Exposure- ripplefold drapes provide much better fabric exposure than some other types of drapery. This is because with ripplefolds, pattern and colour is not lost in the folds of pleats, making it much more visible. In addition, you can use heavier fabrics with ripplefolds, as they will fall to the floor nicely with this style. Some heavier fabrics are simply too thick to be used in a pleated style.

Pure Elegance!- simply put, ripplefold drapes look great. They provide a timeless, elegant look that is always in style. The look of ripplefolds is adaptable with countless decorating styles, and it screams good taste.

Now that you know more about ripplefold drapes, maybe it’s time to consider trying them out for yourself. Start experimenting with this classic and gorgeous look today!