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Can window treatments increase your home’s value?

We’ve all done it; walked around our neighbourhoods, admiring the street appeal of some homes over others. Window treatments can create that charm and appeal and make a house feel finished over generally cold, unfinished look of bare windows. That first impression can be the difference between a home that draws admirers and one that is forgettable the moment you pass by.
Whether your windows are odd shaped or regular size, custom window blinds or custom draperies increase the value of your home in a variety of ways. We’ve listed just a few below:

  1. Custom window treatments, because they’re made with your specifics in mind, are the perfect complement to your room. Well made, durable and adding to the aesthetics both inside and out, customized window treatments can be a focal point in your room, and are something that prospective buyers or simply your visitors will admire.  People who see quality will recognize it in a set of custom window treatments.
  2. Not only do they look great, window treatments serve a few purposes as well; one of which is protecting your home interior from sun damage. They can lengthen the lifetime of your flooring (whether hardwood, laminate or carpet), your furniture, and even the paint on your walls!  UV rays penetrate window glass and fade anything in their path, leading to sometimes expensive repairs or full replacements.
  3. Another wonderful thing that window treatments can do is raise the energy efficiency in your home. Without curtains or blinds, the only thing between your home and the heat or cold outside is the glass in the window itself.  Increase energy efficiency by placing yet another barrier between your home interior and the weather outside.
  4. Because you’re going custom, your choices are far more varied. You can bring in swatches of paint or furniture material to ensure your window coverings will complement perfectly.  If you’re buying at the box stores, you’re pretty near limited to black, white and some basic wood colours.  This can get boring and won’t necessarily give you the look you’re after.  It certainly won’t be the quality that you’re hoping for.

With custom window draperies, you can take comfort in the fact that you’re maximizing the effectiveness of their use. Because they’re built to fit the space exactly, you won’t suffer from unsightly gaps or even from the bulk of too-big curtains or blinds. You won’t have to stress whether you’ve measured correctly and then have the pain of returning under or over-sized window treatments. Standard window coverings don’t account for the wide range of window sizes and shapes, so a custom treatment is the only sure way to have those spaces outfitted properly.

If you’re looking for custom window treatment in the Toronto area, whether it be custom drapery or a custom window blinds, look us up! At Kamfair Drapes, our professional staff can help find the right look for your home and lead you in the right direction depending on your needs.