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Choosing the next window blinds and shades for your home

Are you redesigning your home or even just a room in your home?  Window design can be an important part of tying a room together for the look you’re hoping to achieve.  Custom drapery, custom blinds, and custom curtains can make your room go from mediocre to marvelous!  If you’re looking for Custom drapery or blinds in the Toronto area, here are some tips before you give us a call.Which rooms are you decorating?

The type of room you’re decorating certainly makes a difference, along with the mood you’re trying to create and how much privacy you’ll need.  Shades can be a beautiful choice for a kitchen where you’ll want light to come in but might not want the neighbors witnessing your first bowl of cereal in the morning.  Drapes might be a great choice for a dramatic sitting room where you’ll want to entertain guests.  Think of the way you’re using the room and that will help define the right treatments.

Window shape and size

Certain windows just lend themselves perfectly to a set of drapes while others call out for something simpler, like a straightforward set of blinds.  Maybe you haven’t bothered to even cover some of your widows because the shape won’t fit standard window coverings.  This is where a custom window dressing can be your saving grace.  We can make blinds and curtains to fit any size of window, and cover most shapes as well, in the material or finish of your choice.

Your home style

Are you updating an older home or just refitting a newer style with something different?  What style does your home accommodate and which do you enjoy best?  Curtains and blinds come in a wide range of styles, patterns, finishes and materials, so you can match other colors in your home, accent others, or make your window dressings pop with an unexpected and unique design that’s all yours!  Just remember that a more modern home won’t be complemented by the same type of window dressings as an older home.  Each requires thought to get the right fit.

Think about the view

Do you love coming into your dining room and looking out over the gardens right outside your patio doors?  Is there a view that you’d like to highlight, not hide?  Sometimes a sheer curtain is better than a more solid material for this reason.  Blinds could also step in, as they’re easily raised to whatever height you desire to frame that perfect view.  On the flip side, is there an eyesore that you’re tired of looking at from inside your home?  Maybe you get more of a peek than you’d like into the neighbors house or maybe you’re tired of having to see that weedy back alley.  A more solid curtain or one with a good liner can highlight a window while hiding a view that’s less than desirable.

If you’re in the Toronto area, give us a call.  Our knowledgeable staff can help guide you towards the perfect custom window coverings for your home.