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What are Zebra Shades?

If you’ve been paying attention to the new trends in window décor lately, you may have seen the name “zebra shades” mentioned a few times. If you have not yet been filled in on these popular new types of window shades, here’s a quick look at what they are and what kind of benefits they can provide for you and your home.

What are they?

Zebra shades (also called transitional shades) are a bit of a cross between horizontal blinds and roller shades, in that they have the same components as a roller shade and function in the same way, and its light control is comparable to a horizontal shade. Zebra shades have two layers of fabric and alternating sheer and opaque bands. The back layer of fabric sits less than 1/8” behind the front layer, resulting in the ability to align the fabric bands to be fully closed, partially closed, or completely open. This is meant to mimic the ability to angle traditional horizontal blind slats to different degrees. Lastly, zebra shades get their name due to their striped appearance, which mimics the look of a zebra’s stripes.

How are they useful?

Zebra shades are a great new way to control the amount of light being let into your house. It can be tricky to determine when you are allowing too much sunlight to enter your home, especially when you have things in a room such as plants and furniture that can be damaged due to overexposure to sunlight. Zebra shades allow you to conveniently and easily control the sunlight passing through the window, meaning you won’t have to worry about too much getting in for too long. Another way that zebra shades come in handy is simply by looking great. It can sometimes be hard to come across stylish and bold new looks when it comes to window treatments, but zebra shades truly look unique and will add a touch of style to any room they are in. This is especially going to be useful if you decide to sell your home; zebra shades are sure to add value to your house.

Are there different colours/patterns?

Yes! Zebra shades come in a variety of colour, patterns, sizes, and textures, so you are going to have plenty of freedom when it comes to choosing the right ones for your home. No matter which colour or pattern you end up choosing, you can be sure your new zebra shades are going to look great!

Are they easy to install?

Though zebra shades may sound more elaborate and complicated than normal window blinds or shades, they are no harder to install. Zebra shades are easily installed and are very easy to understand and use. There is no need to fumble with a handful of screws and small parts while reading a complicated instruction manual.

Now that you know a little bit more about zebra shades, isn’t it about time you gave them a try? A whole new way to style your windows and control the light in your home is waiting for you!