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Window Treatment Ideas for Different Rooms in your House

When you’re shopping for window treatments, it’s important to not make the wrong choice. Too often buyers end up overthinking or not thinking enough about what kind of drapes, curtains, shades or shutters they need for their home, and they end up with unsatisfactory products that don’t fit the picture of what they want. In order to avoid being in this situation yourself, here’s a quick look at the best window treatments for different rooms in your home.

The Bedroom- Blackout Drapes

Your bedroom is where you sleep and where you rest after a long day’s work or a night of fun with your friends. As your place of sleep and rest, you’re going to want your bedroom windows to be equipped with drapes that are going to help you sleep. This is where blackout drapes come into play. These special drapes are extremely effective in blocking out external light and will prevent street light and moon light from shining into your bedroom at night. The best sleep happens in complete darkness, and blackout drapes will give you that.

The Living Room- Decorative Patterns

Your living room is where you go to unwind and enjoy activities like watching television, reading a book, and bonding with your family. It’s also a space for entertaining guests, which is why you want it to look great. By choosing drapes and curtains with decorative prints and patterns, you can easily add all kinds of flair to your living room’s style. Decorative prints and patterns can be a great way to express your own personal style and really let your personality show, plus it never hurts to impress any guests you may have over, right?

The Dining Room- Ripplefold Drapes

Your dining room should be oozing with elegance, and this is why ripplefold drapes are the best choice for its windows. Ripplefold drapes are made to be wider than the window they are adorning, which allows you to compress them and give them a wavy or rippled look. The look of riplefold drapery is simple, clean, and timeless, which is why it has been in style for decades. These beautiful drapes will do well to complement your dining room’s other alluring features.

The Kitchen- Eclipse Shutters

Eclipse shutters go well in a kitchen because they allow you to control the amount of natural daylight being let into your kitchen at different times of the day. With these shutters, you can enjoy the early morning sunlight filling your kitchen as you sip a cup of coffee, and you can reduce the amount of afternoon sunlight should things start to become too bright.

The Bathroom- Window Shades

When dealing with bathroom window treatments, privacy is likely to be your biggest concern. You’re going to want something that not only gives you privacy, but also looks appealing. This is why window shades are your best option in the bathroom. They give great privacy and also help to block out light should that be a deciding factor for you.

Follow these tips and you’ll be sure to have an easier time deciding which drapes, shutters or shades will go best all around the house!